Porsche Taycan - Drivetrain Efficiency

Receive detailed measurement results and data from a four wheel vehicle test bench!

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Content Drivetrain Testing - Drivetrain Efficiency:

The functional benchmarking of the electric drive efficiency will be executed non-destructively using the complete vehicle, installed on a drivetrain testbench. Measurement of the efficiency of the drivetrain is carried out to be able to quantify the power loss of the electric vehicle drivetrain. The vehicle body will be fixtured on a drivetrain test bench and the wheel suspensions will be blocked in nominal load condition. The wheel hubs will be connected to dynamometers of the drivetrain test bench, simulating the power transfer to the road. The efficiency will be assessed comparing the DC input power to the inverters (via current/voltage) vs the measured mechanical output power (via speed/torque) as the wheels. A map of steady state points of operation distributed over the complete speed, torque and battery SOC range will be collected and documented. Tests will be conducted at nominal operating temperature of the system working to keep temperatures within a controlled range for comparable measurements.

The following key data assessed: 

- Full power characteristic curves 

- Efficiency values of all operating points with power transfer in driving as well as recuperation mode 

- Drag torques and electrical idle losses of the operating points without power transfer 

- Derating behavior for two vehicle speeds


- Comprehensive Powerpoint style report as .pdf file

- Raw data regarding shown measurements will be handed over as .csv or .xlsx files

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